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WWCD: Episode 64 – Phantom Submarine

In this undersea adventure, Cheric discovers that he has extra sensory perception…aka..ESP!!!! Of course, the very first thing that happens is the government knocks on our door and “needs our help”. Do they really need our help? Or do they just want to experiment on us? Cheric is thrust into situation after situation that we are utterly unprepared for but we must just trust our gifts to get us through! Tune in to see if we can make it out of this one alive!

WWCD: Episode 23 – Cheric Wars: Cheric Strikes Back

Rockin’, rockin’ and rollin’ the rebels continue defend against the Empire. Cheric’s loyalty to his friends is tested. Between snow monsters and scary green swamp smurfs, Cheric must decide how far he is willing to go to save the galaxy, and perhaps even become a jedi knight…whatever happens don’t fall asleep.

Theme music by: The Blackbird Revue (; Design by Dubbert Creative (

WWCD: Episode 17 – Beyond Escape!

Everywhere we turn, danger surrounds us.  Who can we trust? Will we ever complete the task that we set out on without being faced with unforeseen (sometimes deadly) circumstances? Eric lays down some big life lessons. Chad has another mind-blowing revelation. Cheric tries to save his friends and maybe the world.

Theme music by: The Blackbird Revue (; Design by Dubbert Creative (