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WWCD: Episode 63 – Secret of the Sun God

In this episode, Cheric’s aunt Eloise has asked us to come help her on her expedition in Central America. Not surprisingly, chaos ensues and our aunt has gone missing and sent us a poncho as our only clue to what is going on. Will we find our aunt? And will we discover the secret of the sun god??? You’ll need to listen to find out!

WWCD: Episode 62 – You Are A Genius

We are back! Cheric returns for the second chapter of our special run of episodes! Today we wake up and find out that overnight we have become a genius! Now the real question…how will use our newfound gifts? Maybe we can make a ton of money? Or maybe we could better all of humanity? Who knows! You’ll just have to listen and find out!!

WWCD: Episode 57 – The Deadly Shadow

As one of the top agents in the SSA, we are no stranger to deadly and perilous missions. With our attaché case in hand, we take on the search for a mystery man who has just escaped from a Russian agency.  This case may prove far deadlier then we suspect but we eat danger for breakfast.  Tune in to “The Deadly Shadow” to see if we can bring this man to justice!

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WWCD: Episode 56 – Zombie Penpal

Cheric, as part of a 2nd Grade class project, got a penpal in New Orleans. We conversed over the year and then Hurricane Katrina hit and we never heard from her again. Fast forward to middle school in Maine and we think the new girl in our class looks a lot like our old penpal. How can this be? We thought she died in the storm. Did she survive? Or has she….come back from the dead??? Tune in to find out!

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