WWCD: Episode 66 – Daredevil Park

On this adventure, Cheric has won the opportunity of a lifetime to be one of the first guest into a new amusement park….Daredevil Park.  We’ve been wanting to go ever since we heard it was being built and never thought we’d get the chance to see it first hand!   Featuring one of our top 5 favorite Tom’s, Cheric definitely gets in a bit over our head right out the gate.  Why can’t we ever just have a relaxing vacation? Tune in and find out if we can navigate this spider’s web of complications and just sit back and enjoy our tour!

WWCD: Episode 65 – Sabotage!!!

In this episode, Cheric is a super spy tasked with infiltrating Nazi Germany and rescue two of our other top spy friends.  We begin our story in Casablanca, a city teaming with spies. Who is our friend, who is our enemy, is someone out to stop our rescue plan??? In a world where you don’t ever know who you can really trust, how will Cheric succeed in rescuing his friends???? Tune in to find out!

WWCD: Episode 64 – Phantom Submarine

In this undersea adventure, Cheric discovers that he has extra sensory perception…aka..ESP!!!! Of course, the very first thing that happens is the government knocks on our door and “needs our help”. Do they really need our help? Or do they just want to experiment on us? Cheric is thrust into situation after situation that we are utterly unprepared for but we must just trust our gifts to get us through! Tune in to see if we can make it out of this one alive!